Senegal 2012 parliamentary elections

Project name: Monitoring platform for the Senegal parliamentary elections on 1st of July 2012

Country: SENEGAL, City: DAKAR    Start: June 2012     End: July 2012

Customer name: Cultural Association for Education and Self Social Promotion (ACAPES)

Terms of reference:

  • Create a platform that can be used to collect information by SMS using mobile phones and the internet in order to monitore the Senegal parliamentary elections on July 1, 2012.
  • Back-office to process the data collected.
  • Platform that is able to generate statistics.
  • Create a geographic information system using Google map.
  • Train users to manage the platform

Services provided:

  • We developed a solution using the Ushaihidi platform. With the solution provided, the Acapes NGO monitored the elections on July 1st collecting information via SMS and WEB mobilizing nearly 2,000 observers equipped with mobile phones and laptops. These were present in 15 counties from 2701 polling stations.
    The information collected were sent in real time and processed immediately to get insights about the election outcome.
  • Training sessions for 20 supervisors on the platform administration but also on the management of the data in the back office.