Dakar drugs monitoring platform

Project name: Dakar drugs monitoring platform
Country: SENEGAL, City: DAKAR  Mission Duration: 6 months
Customer name: Interdepartmental Committee that fight against drugs (CILD) Ministry of Interior of Senegal

Terms of reference:

  • Build a platform for drug information sharing among authorities in order to reduce the request and the supply while promoting prevention.
  • Provide a tool for managing and sharing information for the expert investigators.
  • An agenda for activities coordination.
  • Scalable and highly secure platform.
  • Bilingual portal: French and English
  • A back office to manage and administer the portal data and users.

Services provided:

  • The content management system DotNetNuke has been used to build a platform that meets the needs expressed in the terms of reference. The portal has advanced features for achieving the objectives. It is bilingual (French and English) and have a back office to manage data and users. The platform has been build with the latest security tools  to avoid data loss or hacking.
  • The following applications are available:

1 - A database of drug traffickers. Data are classified by country and alphabetically.
2 - A database of drug addicted. Data are classified by country and alphabetically.
3 - A database of experts. Data are classified by country and alphabetically.
4 - A database for joint investigations. Data are classified by country initiator of the investigation.
5 - A tool to exchange real-time information for investigators.
6 - A chat room for instant discussion and information sharing for investigators.
7 - Internal messaging software for investigators and experts.
8 - A database for monitoring the implementation of the Dakar initiative. The data are classified by country.
9 - An agenda for the coordination and harmonization of activities between experts and investigators.